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November 9, 2018
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November 9, 2018
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peaceful protest for human rights

All these years, the NFL could have been taken to task for any number of things, whether it was concussions or brain injuries, the high percentage of players involved in domestic violence incidents as compared to other sports, the violent nature of the game, openly mugging fans with PSLs and preseason ticket prices, billionaire owners taking money from taxpayers to build lavish stadiums, and so on. Yet, despite a long history of actual injustice and serious workplace safety issues, the one thing anyone ever went to war with the NFL was over a peaceful protest for human rights. Shameful..

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The girls said Christian bands that attract their attention are down to earth. “They have to be human,” Wright said. “They can’t be idolized stars or anything; they have to be real.” Conner Hoops, 14, and his pal Daniel Maloney, 13, from Paso Robles, said the relaxed atmosphere that permeates the festival makes it easy to make new friends there.

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The lawsuit (PDF), filed last week, references a 2014 Bloomberg report stating more than 1,700 fans are injured each year by baseballs entering the stands at a high rate of speed. “The most dangerous areas are the exposed areas along the first and third baselines in foul territory,” the lawsuit said. “In these hot zones, there is no netting and the patrons are exposed.” Loos was sitting in such an area when he was struck by the baseball..

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